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Are You Positive?
by Anthony Deangelis, NPC Competitor, Natural Pro
Being positive is very important....

Positive mind, positive attitude, but the most important is being in "positive nitrogen balance". Positive Nitrogen Balance is key for muscle growth--where the nitrogen intake is greater than nitrogen output. This shows the body has sufficiently recovered from its last workout. The greater the nitrogen balance, the faster workout recovery. This is the body's anabolic state, which means more lean muscle growth... If you are reading this, this should be your goal.

It has been shown that the protein requirements for athletes may well exceed that suggested by the (USRDA). If an individual's protein requirement increases in response to exercise, then changes in protein metabolism will become apparent. The most common way to detect changes in protein metabolism is to assess nitrogen balance of the body. Eating various protein meals, five to seven times a day will help.

Sometimes with hectic work schedules, family obligations, and other day to day activities, it might hard to consume five to seven meals daily. But we still need to achieve this positive nitrogen balance. Our body can only use a certain amount of protein to top up the amino acid pool within the blood every time we eat a meal, and any more than this amount means protein will be used for fuel rather than muscular growth. This means you don't want to be wasting valuable protein by consuming extra-large amounts at each meal.

Now, we will have to "supplement" our diet to make sure we are in positive nitrogen balance. The easiest and best way to do this is to use Uni-Liver tabs. Uni-Liver has a full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Loaded with these powerful ingredients, you will find increased muscle growth, faster recuperation and improved performance from your training. Well, you are probably saying to yourself, this is great information, but how do I supplement with Uni-Liver tablets?

Remember athletes need more protein than the USRDA suggests. Now for me, I eat four “food meals” daily along with consuming three protein shakes. At each food meal, I take six Uni-Liver tablets and with each protein shake I take eight Uni-Liver tablets. I feel absorption is quicker with my protein shake meals, so I take a few more Uni-Liver tablets. Protein turnover is happening all the time in the body and therefore it is important to keep the amino acid pool topped high if you want to stay in positive nitrogen balance!

Remember, protein is used for building, maintaining and repairing muscle, skin, blood, and other tissues. Protein contains nitrogen. Nitrogen excretion does not rise following physical activity. Eating various food protein sources and protein shakes throughout the day is a must for positive nitrogen balance. Supplementing with Uni-Liver tablets will (along with the above information) increase muscle growth, speed up recuperation time and able you to perform better in training.

A positive mind and setting no limits is key to achieving anything worthwhile. In bodybuilding if you apply a positive mind-set, setting no limits, avoiding distractions, and always being in positive nitrogen balance, you will be one step closer to your goal.
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