NOX3 Receives the 2004 Vity Award from Vitamin Retailer Magazine as the Best New Sports Nutrition Product

May 14, 2004 – Universal Nutrition, a sports supplement and health nutrition manufacturer, received the 2004 Vity Award for NOX3 as the “Best New Sports Nutrition Product” of the year. The Vitamin Retailer, a dietary supplement industry publication, chose the winners by polling retailers across the country on the top sellers and best new products.

Introduced in March 2003, NOX3 is one of Universal’s best selling sports nutrition products. NOX3 helps increase performance by supporting and maintaining levels of nitric oxide in skeletal muscles. Nitric oxide allows for more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered into the muscles. As a result, NOX3 helps increase muscle size, strength, and endurance as well as decrease recovery times.

Unlike any other similar product on the market, NOX3 functions as a powerful vasodilator; as an anti-catabolic supplement, which helps preserve muscle mass; and, a part of the arginine-ornithine combo, a growth hormone booster. There are numerous studies that support both the anti-catabolic effects of ornithine AKG and the growth-hormone boosting effects of ornithine combined with arginine.

All of these factors, including its highly competitive price, make NOX3 an award-winning product that is very popular with both retailers and consumers. For more than twenty years, Universal has been dedicated to developing breakthrough nutritional products that are excellent in quality, and NOX3 is testament to that fact.

Universal Nutrition offers more than one hundred products, from sports supplements to low carb bars. Headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Universal manufactures its products in its state of the art product facilities and enjoys extensive international distribution. NOX3 can be found in health food and supplement stores nationwide as well as internationally. For more information, please call (800) 872-0101.
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