Universal Nutrition provides cutting edge and staple nutritional products to bodybuilders and hard-training athletes the world over. We exist to provide branded products of quality and value that strengthen our customers and help them achieve their goals. We look to inspire, educate, and empower people everywhere to live strong and healthy lives, universally.

the universal story

Universal Nutrition formulates and produces world-class sports nutrition products, available in over 90 countries. For over forty years, we've been pushing sports nutrition forward because, as athletes ourselves, this is what's important to us. We hope you share our passion.

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The birth of the iconic Animal Pak created a revolutionary new category in sports nutrition. For more than three decades Animal has continued to evolve the supplement industry, while creating an ethos for living.

Expertly curated solutions to help you find more balance and experience more wellness throughout your entire day. 

We wanted to change the Industry, and over four decades later, we still are. Offering a line of sports nutrition products for classic weight training and sports, including our Naturals line.