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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, October 25, 2022 – Animal, the cutting-edge sports supplement brand for strength-training athletes and fitness, announced today that it has expanded distribution to Walmart stores. Following its success on, the brand is now expanding to Walmart stores nationwide.

This expanded distribution provides value and comprehensive solutions to the millions that shop the retailer each week. It offers existing Animal users convenience while increasing overall brand visibility and reach.

The parent company Universal Nutrition, founded over forty years ago, is recognized for its iron-clad product quality and has been trusted by generations of strength athletes and bodybuilders, helping them further fuel their goals. Animal is the company’s iconic brand that evolved from an underground bodybuilding brand to an ethos for living.

“Animal and Walmart are both committed to providing best-in-class products to their customers. This collaboration demonstrates that the quest for fitness is universal. Our expansion to Walmart is the perfect example of our mission to bring world-class sports nutrition to even more consumers: in-store and online,” said Jad Khairallah, SVP Marketing of Universal Nutrition.

Walmart shoppers will now have retail access to Animal Pak 44, the top-selling multivitamin pack among bodybuilders, professional athletes, and workout enthusiasts. Animal Pak is a comprehensive multivitamin with over 60 powerpacked nutrients to help achieve optimum body and fitness performance. The brand’s sports performance library also includes supplements for:

  • Pre-workout and energy
  • Muscle building and recovery
  • Protein and meal replacement
  • Aminos Acids (e.g., BCAAs, Essential Amino Acids, Creatine)
  • Muscle cutting and fat-burning
  • Hormone health, including testosterone support
  • General health and wellness such as immunity and joint support

About Animal Sports Nutrition Trusted for over forty years, the Animal brand has been pushing sports nutrition forward, supplying hard-working athletes with the nutrition they
need to fuel their health and fitness.

The entire Animal range works in synergy to help make aspirations attainable, whether on a personal journey or pushing to a new peak of performance. For more information about Animal and Universal Nutrition, please visit

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