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Real Gains™ & Sticking To The Basics

Mass. It is the make or break factor in bodybuilding. To be large and in charge. To take up more space. To cast a bigger shadow. To create a hulking mound of clay from which to sculpt your masterpiece. Yeah, that’s what it’s all about. You want to be as big as a house, but so often, in taking in the kind of calories necessary to take you to that next level of size, you can get a little pudgy. Sure, adding some bodyfat is a necessity in putting on real deal mass, but after all, you are a bodybuilder—you can’t afford to get sloppy.

So, how does one avoid adding a big belly to that hard earned physique during those offseason bulking months? Clean calories, that’s how. And lots of them. Any stiff can shovel in thousands of empty junk calories and fast food, but it takes a special breed to obtain their calorie surplus from only clean foods. This is what it takes to be a bodybuilder. And it just got a whole lot easier.

Real Gains™ from Universal Nutrition is that “x factor” in helping provide your hungry muscles with the quality calories they need, in abundance, to grow like never before. Real Gains™ was designed with the ideal macronutrient profile to provide quality calories in an easily accessible powder form. Real Gains™ can help you build quality… To gain lean muscle, not merely add indiscriminate weight.

Real Gains™ is a high calorie, nutritionally-dense weight gainer that consists of a special blend of high quality proteins, complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. Starting off with the big daddy of mass building we’ll talk about protein.

Most weight gainers on the market use whey protein concentrate for their formulas. Now whey protein concentrate has its benefits, especially for increasing muscle protein synthesis. However because it’s rapidly absorbed you’ll lose its anti-catabolic or muscle sparing effects within 60-90 minutes of ingestion. An ideal protein blend would be to combine a fast absorbing protein along with a time released protein.

When we formulated Real Gains™, this is exactly what we did. We took whey protein and combined it with premium micellar casein, which rather than being quickly absorbed, provides a steady stream of amino acids in the body. When it comes to protein, Real Gains™ has you covered, combining protein synthesis sparking whey with catabolism fighting casein to create the ultimate mass building blend. One final point: You’ll also find purer, cleaner whey protein isolates in Real Gains™. With other other weight gainers, you might only get economy-minded whey protein concentrate. Think about that.

Next up in the Real Gains™ formula are the complex carbohydrates. One of the most important functions that carbohydrates perform is to serve as the main energy source or fuel for the body. Carbohydrates are of primary importance to bodybuilders and other athletes seeking to maximize lean muscle mass. They are "protein sparing" which simply means that if you have sufficient carbohydrates present (full glycogen stores), protein will be used primarily for growth and repair. If you do not have sufficient carbohydrates in your system, you may use protein for energy instead of for building muscle.

Real Gains™ incorporates a special low DE blend of maltodextrin (a complex carbohydrate) and inulin (a fiber) which helps the growth of healthy intestinal flora, allowing for better nutrient absorption. Maltodextrin contains "glucose polymers", which are easier for the body to assimilate and use. Glucose polymers are metabolized at a slow, steady rate that can help to sustain energy levels during endurance-oriented workouts and/or athletic events and support healthy weight gain.

Inulin is a soluble, non-digestible dietary fiber. Within the small intestine, inulin helps with slowing the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and lipids and promoting nutrient absorption along a greater length of the intestine. This will ensure that you have a steady influx of carbohydrates which will help in balancing blood sugar levels.

Last but certainly not least in the mass building equation are fats. Fats are key in hormone synthesis and are the essential component of all cells. The important fats to look into are the essential fatty acids or EFAs for short. EFAs are the crucial fats that your body requires and they make up an integral part of the Real Gains™ formula. The reason why EFAs are so important are that symptoms of essential fatty acid deficiency may include fatigue, weakness, slowed growth and the like.

Let’s look at the important fats that make up Real Gains™: flaxseed oil and MCTs. Flaxseed oil is one of the best sources of alpha linoleic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that enhances insulin sensitivity and promotes hormone production as well as myriad benefits for general overall health. MCTs are calorie-dense, healthy fats that contribute to satiety, boost immunity and restrict bodyfat storage. All in all, the fats in Real Gains™ are the healthiest and most anabolic you’re likely to find in a weight gainer.

Get familiar with Real Gains™, the new school weight gainer built with old school quality. Exactly what you need to built the bigger, better version of your physique: you, version 2.0. A high quality protein blend, complex carbs and healthy fats come together to give you everything the hard training hardgainer needs to take his physique to a whole new level of mass, density and power. With Real Gains™ from Universal Nutrition size does matter.